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ℛépublique Française⊰ Francis Bonnefoy
01 November 2031 @ 03:17 pm
you guys should know how this rolls. i accept constructive criticism of all sorts; just make sure you give me a reason why and how i can fix the problem addressed. merci! 'u'

anon is on.
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ℛépublique Française⊰ Francis Bonnefoy
06 December 2011 @ 04:29 pm
[ The video flickers on to show France in a living room with a fireplace lit. He's in some nice clothing and it seems he somehow acquired a fur coat which he is wearing,of course. Giving the camera a smile, he proceeds to speak: ]

Allo, c'est moi, la République Française!

[ Cue the kissing of his fingertips and blowing a kiss, accompanied with a wink.]

Ahaaaa, oui oui. Apologies if I have not formally introduced myself to you all, aaaaah. Brother France has been busy, you see! You may call me France or Francis, s'il vous plaît, d'accord?

[ Busy flipping out and then finally settling in the home belonging to Canada. He says he's going to move out soon, but knowing him, this isn't probably ever going to happen unless something occurs that doesn't sit well with his interests. This is likely to happen,but for now, he's rather content. ]

--Oho, if you wish you know me further, it is a simple thing to do, ouais. My charms and wit will captivate even the hardest of hearts which I am sure Angleterre can testify to this! However, there is something else I wish to share with you today...
Today I am noticing the decorations! Aaahh, for such an unusual place, it seems to be catching the spirit of Noel already, non? C'est très bon! Et c'est très mignon! Aaaahh, even if I could do a better job decorating, it is still so very cute!

With the spirit of les bonnes nouvelles already in the air, I was proposing perhaps the opportunity for celebrations, oui, oui! Something that can involve fun.. and romance. An excuse to have passionate sex with somebody before the year is over! Aahhaaaa, I love it! Oohooo, oui. If we cannot find mistletoe, a substitute will have to do!

If anybody would be interested in hosting a party and would like to put somebody in charge of making sweets and some planning, aaahh, I suppose I am at your service! Big Brother France hasn't cooked for people in so long, it's terrible; heartbreaking! Tell me what you think! Ah, I know it is a marvelous idea; I am usually full of them! If you don't like the idea, well, I suppose I will just have to ignore you!

Merci beaucoup!